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Board of Directors as of Sept 2003

 President  Scott McKeen
 Secretary  Rick White
 Treasurer  Pat Donovan
 Educational Director  Costas Flessas
 Equipment Manager  Tony Heath
 Registrar/KidSafe Director

 Pat Donovan  &

 Linda Tirrusa (acting)

 Vice President Travel  Mike O'Donnell
 U-14 Girls Director     Blaine McKenelley
 U-14 Boys Director  Dave Brennan
 U-12 Girls Director  Peter Cocciardi
 U-12 Boys Director  Nancy Rezza
 U-10 Girls Director  
 U-10 Boys Director     Edwin Cowart
 Vice President In-Town  Maria Pasciuto
 U-8 Boys Director  Maria Pasciuto (acting)
 U-8 Girls Director  Cindi Pollack
 U-6  Director  Deb Folsom
 U-4  Director  Linda Tirrusa


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